Cocktail masterclass

Refine your bartending skills! Learn more about the art and science of mixology, practiacal bartending skills and bar management.

Want to kick start your career behind the bar? Or sharpen your existing skills and move up and on in the bartending world?

Bartenders-on-the-Road's Cocktail Academy teaches bartenders the tricks of the trade. That entails a serious knowledge of liquors, practical bartending skills like cutting, zesting and shaking, as well as bar management for procuring and managing ingredients. Cocktail Academy also includes social skills, and a sensitivity to your guest's likes and dislikes.

The Cocktail Academy focuses on skills you need in daily bartending. The stuff you need to come in somewhere and immediately grab the attention with your speed and efficiency, hygiene and pleasantness.

Our professional trainers explain what the minimal requirements are for a modern, all-round cocktail barender and ladytender - both in theory and in practice. Participants get new experience, and are expected to be self-learning and interested in the world of cocktails.

Our mission is to improve the level of bartending in Belgium and Europe. By offering courses, we want to offer the skills and insights that you can use to impress around the world!

The Cocktail Academy only works with the best materials and techniques. We also work with a maximum amount of participants, so you're sure of individual follow-up and the best possible education to lift your bartending skills to a higher level!

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