Smoothie workshop

Ready for 90 minutes of healthy fun?

You always had a passion for shaking and mixing? The problem with alcohol is the day after ... but don't worry, with our Smoothie workshop you can shake and mix 'à volenté', but now on a healthy way. Ready for 90 minutes of healthy fun?

Let's mix it!

Take place in groups of 10 people at a table provided of a blender and ingredients. We teach you to make three, different, healthy smoothies. Welcome in the wacky world of fruit and smoothies.

Healthy Smoothie

The first smoothie is the Healthy smoothie. After a short explanation about healthy life, we continu with the ingredients and proportions. After that, we'll mix the Kiwi Bubble. This refreshing smoothie gives you a vitamines boost and a happy feeling.

Refreshing Smoothie

The Rasberry Rain is teh second smoothie. The perfect example to understand how you can combine. This smoothie based on rasberries gives you more energy.

Morning Smoothie

There's no better way to start your day. With fresh and healthy start you 'fly your day' So, learn how to make the Morning After Smoothie.

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