Interactive Cocktail workshop

During the kids workshop we learn how to make non-alcoholic cocktails.

Cocktails for kids

Are you looking to organize a perfect afternoon for the kids. Why not a cocktail workshop for kids? Let them create their own drinks.

The kids workshop

The kids are talking

Femke: Hello, my name is Femke and for my birthday we all made some cocktails with Bart and Isabelle. That was fun.

Oohna: Yes, first we learned what a cocktail is. Of course cocktails without alcohol for us, ... that's only for the papa's and the mama's.

Femke: ... and then Bart explained us how to make the cocktails and what we had to use.

Oohna: Then we could make to cocktails alone with juices and syrups and more. It's wasn't easy in the beginning, but we made it.

Femke: yes and of course we drunk the cocktail. Mine was super.

Oohna: no, mine was better.

Femke: may be, but mine was decorated with a lot of candy and fruit and flowers. My cocktail was pink.

Oohna: at the end we had to create a new cocktail and then we received a diploma.

Femke: we spilled a lot, hihi ...

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