Whisky workshop

When people imagine a flair bartender, the first thing that comes to mind is usually Tom Cruise’s character as a bottle-flinging bartender in the hit film Cocktail. He juggles bottles, does little tricks with the ice, and generally makes a good show of the usually not-so-exciting drink making process. Yes, this is an example of flair bartending in the strictest sense of the term. But from our experience, there is a wider range of what I consider to be flair bartending than simply the bottle-tossers and flame-fanatics.

Essentially, a flair bartender is any bar keep who is capable of providing extra dazzle and excitement to the customer’s drinking experience. Some do it using tricks such as juggling, some use captivating jokes and stories, but the best use a little dash of both.

Shake & flair-bartending cocktail workshop: progression


In the first part of the workshop, you learned what a cocktail is and how to make cocktails. Then you'll learn how to make more complex cocktails by using other techniques. And we start with the basics of flairbartending.

Shake & strain

You learn to make three high-end cocktails and how to use all the bartools and products. You will learn how to shake & strain and we'll explain how to make your cocktail decorations. Very impressive.

Flair bartending

You all now Tom Cruise and his tricks, his moves. Well, you will be able to do the same at the end of this workshop.


No pain, no gain. Every group will prepare their own show. That means: you'll prepare one cocktail by using all your learned.

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